About Rebecca

Rebecca Gouldhurst

Experienced, Passionate and Caring

Rebecca Gouldhurst

Hello I’m Rebecca Gouldhurst a fully qualified Naturopath and Gestalt Psychotherapy with 22 years of experience, caring for people and helping them achieve well-being using simple, natural, safe and practical methods.

I strongly believe that our physical health and emotional well-being are one and the same. Health and happiness go together.

What I’ve learnt from my years of practice is that the most powerful and effective healing comes from within. We all have the power to be healthy and I have developed many tools and skills to support you to know how to look after yourself.

Taking simple steps, I believe you can resolve everyday health issues, overcome stress and emotional hurdles. It’s involves balance, listening to your body, heart and gathering some know-how.

My aim is to provide you with personalised, comprehensive, holistic care and support which is collaborative, practical and intuitive. I work with you, at your pace, for your physical, emotional and spiritual goals.

Would you like to work together for a healthier, happier, more grounded you?