Wellbeing for Teams

Wellbeing for Teams or Groups


Your organisation may be going through changes or times of high stress. Perhaps you are the leader trying to keep everyone in the game. A wellbeing educator can help and support your team to be emotionally and psychologically prepared for the task.

There are many types of situations you may be facing. Many common health and emotional issues can prevent your team from achieving their best. I can tailor wellbeing training sessions to help your team overcome these.


“I joined group Counselling Wellbeing with Rebecca as our facilitator and coach. I have been with this group for last two years and still involved. When I joined in this group I was struggling understanding grief and understanding what’s depression. I felt unbalanced with my life, unhealthy, energy draining by giving too much.”I really appreciate the effort and time you invested in me and our group. Your concern and genuine desire to help me become a good influence in my life, it was tremendously helpful. Words cant express how thankful I am for your concern. You are the best Counsellor I have ever met and I’m so thankful for your help.” 

Thank you for helping me respond to and manage my grief 

Your care and advice helped me make better life choices.

Zahra – member of Salaam Women’s Group